Conservative treatment or surgery?

This decision requires individual consultation according to up-to-date medical standards!

Senior Consultant W. Djananpour, MD, provides consultation on the basis of careful diagnostic procedures in all medical conditions of the cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine, in addition to pain emerging from the backbone. As an experienced spine surgeon, Dr. Djananpour has an established expert network at his disposal, in terms of both conservative and alternative treatment concepts, which is drawn upon in patient consultation and care whenever indicated.

Among his competencies in pain relief, optimizing medical pain treatment allows Dr. Djananpour in most cases to accomplish a more protective composition or a sensible reduction of medications.

In the case that damage to the spine cannot be corrected conservatively (non-surgically), Dr. Djananpour determines the most adequate surgical treatment in consultation with the patients involved. His services also include postoperative care, medical competence being as substantial in the phase of recovery as during surgery, i.a. to avoid undesirable cicatrization

> Maximum protection with minimally invasive interventions

Patient consultations in German, English, Russian, French, Spanish and Farsi

Dr. W. Djananpour is fluent in German, English, Farsi and thus attends to many English- and Farsi (Persian)-language patients from Austria and abroad. His team also includes Russian-, Spanish- and French-speaking physicians.

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