Conservative treatment or surgery?

Senior Consultant W. Djananpour, MD, provides consultation in all medical conditions of the cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine, in addition to pain emerging from the backbone. The experienced spine surgeon has an established expert network at his disposal, in terms of both conservative and alternative treatment concepts. As a neurosurgeon he specialized in spine surgery, and particularly in minimally invasive interventions to the spine – including microsurgery (surgery applying a microscope).

The spine – the backbone of your health

The spine is the central axis of the body and fulfills enormously versatile tasks relevant to your health. Diseases of and damage to the spine can cause various disorders, such as head, neck, back, arm, leg and nervous pain, in addition to neurological failure including sensation disorders, amyasthenia and palsy.

Maximum protection with minimally invasive interventions

Advantages of minimally invasive surgical methods are a minimal impairment of healthy tissues, nerves, bones, joints, tendons and muscles, clearly smaller scars – and thereby reduced danger of infection and adverse cosmetic effects – as compared to conventional surgery, shorter duration of surgery and thus reduced narcotic exposure, shorter hospitalization, significantly more rapid establishment of patient mobility.