Spondylolisthesis – “Spinal instability“ and Osteochondrosis


Stress-related (coming during the day or after a walk of few minutes….) dorsalgia emanating to other regions. This may be attended by amyasthenia, neurological failure and similar disorders seen in herniated disk or spinal channel stenosis.

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“Spinal instability“ refers to an abnormal displacement of a vertebral body (vertebral slippage), including the part of the spine overlying the resp. underlying body. The shearing motion and slippage pressure may cause nerve damage. Vertebral slippage is a frequent consequence of congenital malformation, biomechanical stress, symptoms of old age, or failing of stabilizing abdominal and dorsal muscles.


Surgical concepts
Stabilization surgery, et al.

Conservative concepts
Epidural injection, infusional therapy, optimized pain medication adjustment, acupuncture, CT-targeted radicular and facet joint infiltration, specific relaxation exercises, physiotherapy, application of Ayurveda, et al.